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The Ultimate in Precision Postural Evaluation TM

A web based postural assessment system that detects postural deviations and automatically prescribes the correct Mirror Image exercises. The system generates a report with the patient's postural images and displacement data along with the correct exercise prescription and logbook.
This unique postural analysis system has been tested for reliability and validity by top researchers and published in index medicus journals.
Essential to practioners who use posture as an objective outcome.
Fast, Accurate, and easy to use technology
Explains how postural abnormalities affect pain syndromes, body function and health
Detects and quantifies postural displacements as rotations and translations in 3-D
Prescribes Mirror Image exercises graded into beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels
Provides a visual quantitative measure of patient progress
Excellent educational tool
PosturePrint® utilizes the scientific Posture Index® for easy quantification of and tracking changes in total postural abnormality
Introducing the PosturePrint® Progress Report

The Posture Print® system is the ONLY simple to use clinical software available designed to compare a patient's progress towards normal while automatically updating their Mirror Image® exercise program.


Posture Print® is the ONLY postural analysis system available to clinicians that can objectively quantify and distinguish between rotations and translations on X, Y, and Z coordinates. This can not be accomplished by simple "spinal screening" software currently available.
Initial & Follow up Posture Images
Initial & Follow-up Posture Index®
Initial & Follow-up Rotations and Translation Displacements
If abnormal posture is still present, Postureprint® will generate a report which discusses the consequences of their abnormal posture and the need for continuation of structural rehabilitative.
Updates Mirror Image® Exercise Program
Provides recommendation for future and follow up care .
Only $497.00 USD to get started using the most advanced "clinician friendly" postural analysis software available!
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Postural Digitization

Report Generation, Part 1

Report Generation, Part 2

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